Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Cover Folio Case (White)

Posted on: January 15th, 2014 by admin

  • Front cover folds over for easy access to the phone’s screen
  • Answer or reject phone calls without opening case
  • Back cover replaces the phone’s back, maintaining the Samsung Galaxy’s sleek design
  • Window utilizes special film capable of recognizing S Pen touches
  • When S-View cover installed, screen color changes to complement case

    List Price: $59.99
    Price: $ 19.99


Protect your Galaxy Note 3 without adding bulk, it’s the perfect combination of style, durability and convenience.



Power on your Galaxy smartphone when opening the case and power down your display when closed.


The perfect combination of style, function and durability

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Flip Cover was developed with the user’s lifestyle in mind. This case, designed to protect the Galaxy Note 3 screen without adding bulk, is the perfect combination of style, durability and convenience. Take it to the gym, on a hike, to the grocery store or an evening out on the town. This case is constructed to withstand an active lifestyle while allowing the user to display their sense of fashion. The built-in color system adds additional customization options, allowing you to select the color of the view window screen for a unique look. Plus you will never miss important information with the S-View window. Many smartphone cases make you choose between fashion and function. With the new S-View Flip Cover for Galaxy Note 3 you can have it all!

All around protection without limiting access

The Samsung S-View Flip Cover Folio Case protects the smartphone’s screen when it is not in use and is easily flipped open for full access to the screen. When closed, the S-View cover offers instant access to critical features with a swipe of the finger or via the Galaxy Note S Pen. View the home screen to check the time, view recent activity or take a call. Quickly access your phone’s camera, open the Action Memo menu or navigate your music tracks – all without opening the cover.

Auto wake/sleep function

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Flip Cover will power on your Galaxy Note 3 smartphone’s display when opened and power down your display when closed, a convenient option for those needing quick access to their phone’s features.

Easy Installation

Additionally, these cases have been specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The back easily snaps on, replacing the phone’s standard battery cover, without making the phone bulky. Installing a Samsung phone case is simple and only takes a few seconds.



At a Glance:
  • Access critical device features through S-View screen without opening cover
  • S-View window fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy S Pen
  • Select your window screen color to match your case
  • Back cover replaces the phone’s back without adding bulk
  • Flip cover offers exceptional screen protection
  • Auto Wake Function (Cover Open -> Power On)
  • Compatible with Multimedia Dock & Vehicle Dock


Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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By R. O. Lizardo on December 9, 2013

Color Name: White

I’ve had this phone almost 2 months now and this s-view cover almost same time since I got the cover less than a week after I got the phone.
It is a very nice looking cover that doesn’t add bulk to the already big phone. However it’s definitely not great. Here’s pros and consPros
* It looks really nice
* It’s very slim
* I can access some useful functions without opening the cover – take a picture, read txt msg, write a memo using S pen, check the current weather, play mp3 music, check walking mate’s step count
* Very expensive for what it is
* at this price, I would expect real leather
* I have white, and it gets dirty (although it’s vinyl and I can wipe off most of dirty stuff, but somehow it has a stain I can’t get rid of)
* I’ve had it for almost 2 months and the corners are worn out
* when I drop the phone the cover flips open, and if it hits the ground at a wrong angle the cover will completely fall out causing the battery to fall out as well
* now you have 2 screens to clean
* the cover doesn’t stay open, and it doesn’t stay closed
* It’s very rectangle (holding the phone for some time using my pinky finger on the bottom hurts my finger because the corner’s not that roundy)Will I buy it again? not sure.
I will probably buy it in different color when this white one gets really dirty and if I have no other option. I really like having the view window and I really love how this cover doesn’t add any bulk to the phone.
Hopefully somebody makes covers for note 3 when I need a new one.
I need one that’s slim, and stays open when i open it, and stays closed when I close it.Seriously, the cover not closing is annoying. When I’m done using the device I would like to put down the phone on the table facing up without getting annoyed by the cover standing up.


30 of 34 people found the following review helpful

By Kevin S. on November 12, 2013

Color Name: Black

Pros: Does not add much bulk to the phone. The S-View cover allows you to take pictures, answer phone calls, and control your music without opening (and unlocking) your phone. Allows limited S-pen functionality through the window.

Cons: PRICE!!!! Cheap plastic feel. Does not include wireless charging. Phone protection — the case provides limited protection to the phone frame in case of a drop. (Screen protection is good since it is a folio.)

I have tried three folio type cases for my new Note 3. The S-View is definitely the nicest, but it also doesn’t protect the phone very well from drops. The price is much too high (and cost a star in my review) for a cheap feeling plastic case. By replacing the back cover with this case, the bulk was minimized and the case doesn’t get in the way of functionality.

The case includes circuitry to keep the NFC working, but it doesn’t add the wireless charging capability. For $60 I would expect them to add wireless charging as well.

Overall, I like the case. I would recommend it to someone, but I would also recommend that they look for discounts (thanks Amazon). I would also warn against clones because some features may be missing (NFC and S-Pen support).

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